General Information

Founded in 1979, the Bartlesville Pedalers Bicycle Club is a group of bicyclists of all ages and levels of interest who share a love of bicycling, from a short pedal around the neighborhood to "Centuries" (100 mile tours), from BMX to mountain biking to racing. We get together for regularly scheduled rides throughout the year, as well as participate in numerous regional bicycling events, including the annual ride across the state, OK FreeWheel.

Our aim is to support the bicycling lifestyle, whatever that entails for each member. We welcome anyone who shares an interest in any aspect of bicycling, and are ready to help you achieve your bicycling goals.

The best way to meet us in on your bike. Air up your tires, grab your helmet, and come out to one of our many scheduled rides. You'll see what this hobby is all about.

Weekly Rides

The Pedalers sponsor a year-round schedule of rides designed for the enjoyment of all levels of riding interest and skill, and using a system of shared ride leadership.

Summer (during daylight savings time, Apr through Sep)

Tuesday evening, 6pm 1 to 2 hour easy to moderate road ride, from Johnstone Park.
Wednesday evening, 6pm 1 to 2 hour mountain bike ride on local unpaved roads, meeting place varies.
Thursday evening, 6pm 1 to 2 hour easy to moderate road ride, from Sooner Park.


Saturday Morning
9:00 am
8:00 am
7:30 am
7:30 am
7:30 am
8:00 am
2-5 hour road ride, from Johnstone Park.
Sunday afternoon, 2pm "No Drop" Ride from Sooner Park - Seasonal, Check Calendar

Winter (Oct through Mar)

Tuesday afternoon, 1:30pm 1 to 2 hour easy to moderate road ride, from Sooner Park.
Thursday afternoon, 1:30pm 1 to 2 hour easy to moderate road ride, from Sooner Park.
Saturday Morning
9:00 am
10:00 am
10:00 am
2-4 hour road ride, from Johnstone Park.
Sunday afternoon, 2pm

No Rides currently scheduled, check Calendar


These include:

  • A FreeWheel training ride series of gradually longer rides through April and May for riders preparing for the annual June trek across Oklahoma,
  • Special rides sponsored by the Pedalers, such as the "Spring Fling", "Credit Card Campout", and "Christmas Lights Warm Up",
  • Regional tours such as "Flower Power" in Muskogee, "Hotter 'N Hell Hundred" in Wichita Falls, "Dam J.A.M." in Pryor, and numerous others.

For details, check the bicycling links available on our web site.


In addition to rides, the Pedalers

  • Hold several meetings a year, often including socializing and pot luck dining,
  • Go on occasional campouts,
  • Sponsor bike rodeo, safety, or other biking-related special events, and
  • Carry out Club community service projects.
The Bartlesville Pedalers is proud to be affiliated with the League of American Bicyclists, a national organization that promotes the ideal of a bicycle-friendly America through sopnsored bicycle rallies and tours, political advocacy, and education.

You are invited to
Join the Bartlesville Pedalers

Memberships are $20 per year for a family household membership. Anyone joining in the last quarter of the year is also paid up for the following year. Please fill out Membership Application (word) or Membership Application (pdf), print filled out form, sign and return application to: Bartlesville Pedalers, P.O. Box 793, Bartlesville, OK 74005


Membership in the Bartlesville Pedalers brings numerous benefits:
  • Meet and ride as a group with others who enjoy exercise, health, and being outdoors
  • Share knowledge of bicycling skills and equipment
  • Learn, and teach, bicycling rules of the road and safety practices
  • Receive monthly newsletter containing news, events, and contacts into the greater cycling community
  • Select from a variety of regularly scheduled organized rides
  • Contribute your personal energy to the bicycling lifestyle in the area
  • Participate in community service through cycling service projects